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About Us

Welcome to aTeLieR DeS eLeMeNTS the first Emirati skincare for Men

As most Emirati men, I used to go to the barber shop at least once a week but, during lockdown, I had to do grooming by myself. When I ran out of stock of my favorite products from Germany, the only options the local market was offering to men were mainstream products unisex or for women. It is how all started: If I cannot go to Germany to bring my skin care products, I will bring Germany here. After a lot of research, I found a premium skin care production that understood the concept of my brand and helped me to create a line of high-quality products specifically dedicated to men skin, exposed to the harsh weather conditions as the ones we are facing in Middle East. I chose an Italian company to project the design and the logo: A Dandelion to symbolize the union of the nature and elements created in a laboratory to deliver a perfect tailor-made line for men. An international collaboration was born: Emirati Brand, German products, Italian design with a French name. That project was very challenging and I had no experience in that field but as everyone knows Emirati motto is “make the impossible possible “.It was the beginning of my new project: “aTeLieR DeS eLeMeNTS - Why not? “

This slogan is inspired by the interview of HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum where he was asked why he wanted to make Dubai N°1 in the world and his answer was simple:“Why Not?”.

Our skin needs daily preventative measures to keep it healthy specially when exposed to sun damage, pollution, dust and humidity as in U.A.E.This is no difference from keeping your body in shape, taking care of our family, our job or our hobbies.

Let’s start to make it a daily routine taking some time for you and your skin,for a better look and a happier you.

“Why Not?”

 Mohammad Rashid Bunfour